HIIT Heart Health (Live Longer and Happier)

As more and more people begin to switch from regular cardio workouts to high-intensity interval training, we begin to see more HIIT heart health benefits from the HIIT Science studies. If you have family members that are suffering from type 2 diabetes or are not looking after your eating habits, it is very likely that […]

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3 Methods of HIIT

Some Science VO2 MAX is the highest amount of oxygen consumed by your body during exercise, the more intense the workout, the more oxygen you consume. Working your body close to the VO2 MAX triggers the afterburn effect, which are the calories you burn even after finishing the exercise. Use the calculator here to determine […]

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HIIT Progress Ladder (Determine your HIIT routine)

Is HIIT good for fat loss? Hell yeah it is. Blast your belly fat away with the right combination of food and HIIT exercise. You can do 15 minute cardio or a weight workout at home. There’s literally no reason for you to not do it. Respect yourself, and keep your heart and mind healthy. […]

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